From our very first video call when Caroline and Evan were choosing a photographer, it seemed to be fated that I would photograph their wedding. I was wearing a shirt with a penguin on it in that Zoom call, and Caroline immediately commented on it. I soon discovered that she studies penguins, and her specialty is the very same penguin you'll see in the upper left of this website!

As amazingly coincidental as that is, that isn't the sole reason I was their wedding photographer. We hit it off from that very first conversation and continued to over coffee a few months before the wedding which took place at Evan's parent's house near Lake Blaine. And it was just down the literal street from where Evan had grown up. On top of that personal touch, they brewed the beer for the occasion, the food was a group effort prepared by family and following a recipe from Caroline's grandmother, and there was a bird theme throughout given that they both study birds for a living!

Florals: Memories in Blossom / Hair & Makeup: Majestic Mountain Beauty / Rentals & Decor: Bella Trailers and The Party Store